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In 1994 aged 16, I began a 12-week investigation into homemade soap bubble formulas. I have struggled for years to find the perfect mix.

As a teenager, I was particularly impressed at how learning the science of soap bubbles crystalized my understanding of physics, chemistry and biology. I had thought that bubbles were merely the play-things of infants – yet whilst conducting research into the science of bubbles, I discovered that bubbles had been the intellectual ‘muse’ behind many of history’s greatest scientific and mathematical achievements; Issac Newton (integral calculus), Leonardo Da Vinci (capillary theory and surface tension), Lord Kelvin (thermodynamics), Albert Einstein (E=mc2 and the expanding Universe theorem), Leonard Euler (differential calculus and minimal paths) and many others. More recently architects and economists have joined the bubble-bandwagon. In the last 60 years, many of the world’s most iconic structures have been inspired by the structural integrity and sublime form of soap bubbles (e.g. the new Melbourne Soccer Stadium) and of course economists are continually analysing markets for bubble phenomena.

Underlying all of the examples above, are fundamental laws of Nature that form our entire Universe. As an enterprising youngster, I saw value in the way that soap bubbles presented these grand laws of Nature in what is surely the most elegant, accessible and beautiful package. It was like being handed a pair of “bubble goggles” that give you “bubble vision” when you wear them. At 16 years of age I realized that what I needed to do to have an extraordinary life and leave a superb legacy was to deconstruct my bubble vision and make it share-a-bubble (reverse-engineer my bubble goggles).

Documentary – The Bubbleologist

One cautionary thing about bubble goggles however is that once you put them on, you can’t take them off. I began to see bubble opportunities everywhere. Bubble stage-shows, fun hands-on activities, products, a never ending stream of education activities across science, maths, biology (cells), environment (systems), health and wellness. Even therapeutic uses such as; play therapy (childhood trauma), diaphragm control (asthma) and self esteem (everyone lives in their own little identity-bubble).

The original science project was such a success that I was a finalist in that year’s BHP National Science Awards, and gained considerable publicity in my native WA with my story published on the front cover of The West Australian newspaper (November 9th 1994). In the following year during my year 12 studies, I was invited to perform at Scitech (WA’s version of Science Works) where at 17 years of age I broke the Australasian record for the most popular science show ever and set a new record for the youngest science-presenter ever in the whole of Australia and Asia.

In 1996 I enrolled at Curtin University in a BA English (Film and Television) with the intention to alternate between arts and science (Physics) each year and gain two broad degrees. I was doing exactly this when in July 1997, I was in a car accident that put me in a wheelchair for 3 months. During this time I had an opportunity to reflect on the quality of learning I was getting ‘on the job’ at the science centre and how it was far superior to that which I was receiving in at university. So, shortly after getting back on my feet, when invited to perform my bubble show as the feature exhibition for the 1998 April school holidays at a VIC science centre, I jumped at the opportunity and decided university could wait.

The decision paid off. The exhibition was such a success that I broke my own record for the most popular science centre show ever in Australia and Asia and we quadrupled the science centre’s previous record for their busiest school holiday period ever. They offered me a full time position at the science museum, effectively in charge of education programs and touring. I was twenty years old, without a degree and was already being groomed to run a science museum, I said I’d love to. After another year though I was beginning to feel limited by the culture of science, with its emphasis on rewarding “knowing”. I had noticed how this encouraged a culture of people whom often avoided any field or subject they did not already have knowledge in. This is terrible for learning, which requires a constant openess to new things.

In 1998 I left the science centre sphere to start my bubble-business proper. Within 18 months of starting we had turned over close to $150,000, by blowing bubbles. We would do a gig, (eg. running a giant bubble blowing activity at a community festival) and people would come to us and say: “this is great, what would you do for a group of teacher assistants at our conference in November?” or “Wow, I think I had more fun than my kids, I can see us doing this for our staff development day at the Council.”

Everyone loves bubbles, especially bubbles as big as cars. With demand coming in from all angles for our “bubble experiences”, we took our core services and customised them for each niche group, more often than not discovering that there was a viable business just in developing that particular niche. As an entrepreneur, I have been extremely fortunate to specialise in soap bubbles. They are truly a blue ocean market and I have been fortunate in a competitive sense, with most people unable to see the inherent opportunities without bubble vision.This blue ocean has allowed me the freedom to create and innovate to an extent that would make many startups choke.

In the past 12 years I have derived 100% of my income from soap bubbles. In that time I have trained in excess of 40 bubbleologists (bubble entertainers and educators) and successfully developed more than 40 different services spanning all ages and and a variety of markets that astounds even me. I am eager to step up to an international playing field, step out of day-to-day management, restructure so as to offer others the opportunity to have an equitable interest in some of the business enterprises and most of all; focus more of my attention on the goal I have been navigating towards this whole time – designing the world’s first truly elegant curriculum that will propel humanity into the future.

This is what this business is all about, this is what I have achieved so far, this is why I am a bubble entrepreneur .oO



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