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Our livelihood is in creating extraordinarily unique experiences of unsurpassed joy, wonder, beauty and profoundity.

The trickiest thing for us has been that people tend to assume we just entertain kids. Our passion has always been to burst this bubble and “reinvent” bubbles for everyone. It would be a much simpler business to run, if we just did kids however it would not be as passionate.

We are dedicated to creating and delivering the very best soap bubble entertainment services in the World and our range of soap bubble services is now unsurpassed. Nowhere else will you find something for everyone and every event.

To achieve this we have created many world-first bubble services, acts, tricks and apparatus.

So the first thing I wish to assure you is that you don’t need to worry if bubbles will be appropriate for your audience – the work of reinventing bubbles for your clients has been done, they will love it. If you cannot find the performance/activity/presentation that seems right, email us and tell us about your event. Who and how many are going to be there. Let us know if the event will be held indoors or outdoors (as this is important for bubbles) and we shall specifically recommend you a service.

Oh, and try to remember why you came to this site, try not to get too distracted by all of the wonderful things to look at and interesting things to read about. You can always come back.


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Founded by soap bubble innovator and entrepreneur Andrew Suttar (@drfroth), Incredibubble has revolutionised the world of soap bubbles. See www.bubblemedia.org
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